Abeiro da loba

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Your house in the forest


Abeiro da Loba is for you

Abeiro da loba was formerly a farmhouse, dedicated to work in the field. After many years of abandonment, we decided to recover it and give it a new life, preserving its original structure and combining the traditional with the modern. Today it is an ideal rural lodging for families, groups and events. It is a spacious and versatile space in the middle of nature.

Located in the heart of the North Galician Way, the history of our house goes back more than 250 years. Once built on land dedicated to farming, today it is surrounded by a forest of chestnut and oak trees. That is why the whole offers a cozy, quiet and comforting stay.

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our incentives

A wonderful environment

The house is located in a forest of indigenous trees and a few kilometres from the Sobrado Lagoon.

29 people capacity

We have 9 exterior rooms with views of the forest: 5 private rooms for two people with bathroom and 4 family rooms for 4 people.

Unique design

The house has been rehabilitated maintaining the original walls and the new structure has been incorporated using wood in the interior and façade.

Pond for muscle recovery

Designed so that our pilgrims can rest their legs at the end of the stage of Sobrado dos Monxes.

Activities with the environment

We offer different activities on the farm and in the area in collaboration with different local leisure companies.

Peace of mind and comfort

The location of the house guarantees peace and quiet outside. The interior is laid out to ensure the well-being of our tenants.

our guests

Our best presentation

Natalia Seco

“I would not classify this accommodation as a hostel.
It has the essence of a rural house and the service is spectacular. Knowing its history and the reason for its architecture has been an incentive.
We have stayed with the desire to see the greenhouse and to try the barbecue… We’ll be back! “

Adhara río

“Both the house and the treatment were excellent. There are many tourist attractions in the surrounding area. We had a wonderful weekend, we will be back again for sure! “