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We open the doors of our house to you

The house is located in the middle of the Camino de Santiago, on stage 31 of the Camino del Norte, and this also has its history.


To be told

The story of Abeiro da Loba begins with my grandfather and his efforts to prevent this place from becoming a ruin.

It has been 30 years since the chestnut trees that surround the house today were planted on this estate, creating a unique natural environment in the area. They were planted by my father with the help of my grandfather and some neighbours, giving rise to the surroundings that together with the house make a special place.

The house was formerly known as A Ponte and today it has been renamed Abeiro da loba.

Would you like to discover the story behind this name?

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Two dreams come true

I’m Alex, the person who runs Abeiro da Loba.

In 2015 I had a job in Pontevedra, where I was born. But also an emptiness that I needed to fill, so I decided to take the plunge and move to Madelos, my village, where this house is located and where my ancestors and therefore part of my roots lived.

Before taking the plunge I decided to do the Camino, to learn from the experience and to take note of what pilgrims needed.

I put an almost empty rucksack on my back and a notebook in my pocket. In it I wrote down everything that made me tick, and with those notes I found the way to make my dream come true. And without intending to, my grandfather’s and my father’s as well.

It has taken me 5 years and a lot (a lot) of help from family, friends and professionals to pick up every stone that has fallen and to fit out the house as I would want to show it to him.

I am at the head of a family legacy, a small Galician miracle that I am proud to share with you.


Virtual Tour

Discover the house in our incredible virtual tour.



Abeiro da loba

It is said that in the mid-19th century there was a bandit called Pepa a Loba who robbed chieftains and priests. In my great-great-grandparents’ time, Pepa asked for shelter and food during a winter night.

Behind this story lies the new name of the house, Abeiro da loba.


From abeiro

It was clear to my grandfather and especially to my father that this place has a lot of potential and that is why he always persisted with the idea of recovering this house and its surroundings. He left us before we could see him, so we, his family, have been in charge of fitting him out, respecting his natural place as much as possible.

Here, we have been able to reconnect with the birdsong, the spectacular change of seasons, the visits of wild animals in total freedom… and we have put everything we have learnt over the years into a series of activities that allow us to spread the wealth of this place.

He couldn’t finish what he started, but I’m sure he would be pleased to see his house as you will find it now.

Abeiro in Galician means “shelter”.

Those who lived here in the past remember how the wolf used to prowl the area, and there are various anecdotes that we try to prevent from being forgotten.

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