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Abeiro da Loba in the repsol guide

We have been lucky enough to be interviewed by Guía Repsol in our establishment, where we have had the opportunity to tell our experience and show them how is the daily life of pilgrims and tourists who visit us.

The guest arrives looking for relaxation and finds more than just accommodation. You can recover your strength by melting into the chestnut forest that can be seen from any corner of the facilities. He finds himself surrounded by silence and tranquillity. Replenish extra energy with homemade breakfast and dinner that warm body and soul. ‘Abeiro da Loba’ was born thinking of the pilgrim who travels the Camino del Norte and has become a refuge for anyone looking for a restful sleep six kilometres from Sobrado dos Monxes (A Coruña).

Natalia Puga – Repsol Guide

Here is the link to the interview – Guía Repsol