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Our experience: The Northern Way in Galicia stage by stage



Please note that the alternative routes we suggest start at stage 30. The main reasons for doing so are:


Stage 27 – From Ribadeo to Lourenzá 29.5 km

If you are arriving from other provinces, take a deep breath to keep the smell of the sea in your memory because you are about to enter the interior of Galicia.

You will pass through small villages and hamlets located between ascents and descents that become less and less moderate. The 2nd part of the section is the most difficult.

Be careful at the exit of Ribadeo as the signposting is poor. Pay special attention to your surroundings to locate arrows and milestones, and if possible, activate the GPS on your mobile phone.

Difficulty: 80%
Refreshment points:

  • Hostel with bar and restaurant at km 7
  • In Barreiros (km 14) fountain to fill the fresh water bottle.
  • Pilgrim support point at Villamartín Grande (km 18.5)
  • Hostel with bar in San Xusto (km 25)

What you shouldn’t miss:

  • If you like wine: Ribeira Sacra D.O.
  • Monastery of San Salvador (Lourenzá)
  • Museum of Sacred Art (Lourenzá)
  • Beans of Lourenzá – Festa da Faba on the weekend of 1st October.

Stage 28 – From Lourenzá to Abadín 24.8 km

In this stage some of the climbs are more intense but the effort is compensated by the natural forest landscapes.

The stop at the Cathedral of Mondoñedo is almost obligatory, not only to see the monument, but also because the next 2 hours are a climb to the Hermitage of San Cosme da Montaña.

On the Camino the effort is always rewarded, and in this case it is rewarded in A Xesta, offering spectacular views of the valley.

Difficulty: 65%
Refreshment points:

  • In Lourenzá, Mondoñedo, Gontán and Abadín you will find both supermarkets and cafés.

What you shouldn’t miss:

  • Mondoñedo Cathedral
  • As for the palate… the stew, Abadín D.O. beef, Mondoñedo bread and cake, tetilla cheese and San Simón.

Stage 29 – From Abadín to Vilalba 20.6 km

To balance out the climbs and descents of the previous stages, there are two stages of flat terrain. It’s time to cross Terra Chá (“flat land” in Spanish).

On this stage you won’t have to worry about stops, as you’ll be driving through vast meadows, but you won’t lose sight of the main road. This will keep you always in sight of the supply points.

We anticipate that stage 30 is one of our strategic points.

Difficulty: 30%.
Refreshment points:

  • Supermarkets in Abadín, Goiriz and Vilalba
  • Cafeterias in Abadín, Martiñán and Vilalba
  • In Vilalba, next to the Xunta’s hostel, there is a lunch and dinner bar that opens early for breakfast.

What you shouldn’t miss:

  • San Simón Cheese and Vilalba Capons (Capon Fair on 21 December).
  • Tower of the Andrade family (Vilalba)
  • Church of Santa María (Vilalba)

Stage 30 – From Vilalba to Baamonde 20.7 km
Stage 30 (Alternative) – Vilalba to A Lagoa 32.5 km

At this point we advise you to analyse steps 31 and 32. The first due to its length (more than 40 km) and the second due to the lack of alternative accommodation in Sobrado.

Many pilgrims prefer to take advantage of the 2 days of respite that the Camino gives when crossing Terra Chá to shorten the next stage.

About 12 km after Baamonde you will find the Albergue A Lagoa (well rated).

If you don’t want to share a room, we recommend Casa Rural Bi Terra. Although it is off the Camino, it has a free pick-up service for pilgrims and very good prices. They can drop you off the next morning at the point of your choice.

Other pilgrims prefer to divide stage 31 into two sections and rest in Baamonde. The village is very quiet and the hostel is highly rated.

Difficulty: 30%.

Difficulty (Alternative): 35%.

Refreshment points:

  • Restaurant and cafeteria in Vilalba, Baamonde, Friol and Miraz
  • Supermarket and pharmacy in Vilalba, Baamonde and Friol

What you shouldn’t miss:

  • San Simón D.O. cheese and D.O. wines.
  • Parish Church of Santiago (Begonte)
  • Ancient chestnut tree (Baamonde)
  • Víctor Corral House Museum (Baamonde)

Stage 31 – From Baamonde to Sobrado 40.6 km
Stage 31 (Alternative) – From A Lagoa to Carelle 29 km

Although this stage does not present great difficulties, for many pilgrims it is interminable.

The 40 km plus long stretches of road and the number of almost uninhabited villages and hamlets, which complicate the supply, make this section very heavy.

As there is little accommodation in Sobrado, many pilgrims decide to walk 1 or 2 hours more to reach the next villages.

The first of these is Carelle, where the rural accommodation Abeiro da Loba is located, 1 hour walk from Sobrado. 2 hours away you will find Boimil, 2 and a half hours Boimorto…

Difficulty: 85%

Difficulty (Alternative): 40%.

Refreshment points:

  • Restaurant and cafeteria in Miraz, A Roxica, Mesón and Sobrado dos Monxes
  • Supermarket in Sobrado dos Monxes

What you shouldn’t miss:

  • We recommend you try the dulce de leche, the mountain-style trout and the different local cheeses: Abeleiras artisan cheese in Sobrado and D.O. Arzúa-Ulloa.
  • Monastery of Sta. María de Sobrado
  • A Lagoa de Sobrado

Stage 32 – From Sobrado to Arzúa 21.5 km
Stage 32 (Alternative) – From Carelle to A Salceda 25.7 km

Difficulty: 85%

Difficulty (Alternative): 40%.

Refreshment points:

  • Restaurant and supermarket in Sobrado, Boimorto and Arzúa
  • Cafeteria in Sobrado, Boimorto, Sendelle and Arzúa

What you shouldn’t miss:

  • Broth, octopus, honey and cheese D.O. Arzúa – Ulloa
  • Living Museum of Honey (Enredo do Abelleiro)
  • Chapel and Convent of La Magdalena (Arzúa)
  • Pazo de Brandeso (Arzúa)

Stage 33 – From Arzúa to O Pedrouzo 19.3 km
Stage 33 (Alternative) – From A Salceda to Santiago 25.8 km

Stage 33 (Alternative) – From A Salceda to Santiago 25.8 km This is why, especially in high season, we also advise those who do not enjoy the crowds to vary the last 2 stages.

Although there is a wide range of accommodation from here, we recommend booking in advance during this time of year so you don’t get stuck with what no one wants. Also, avoid common supply points if you want to avoid waiting times.

If you decide to do our alternative stages, you will arrive a day earlier in Santiago. If you get there with plenty of time to spare, the views from Monte do Gozo are well worth the effort.

Difficulty: 85%

Difficulty (Alternative): 40%.

Refreshment points:

  • Refreshment points and sleeping accommodations in all villages
  • Local wines, cheeses and meats

What you shouldn’t miss:

  • Hórreo Rectoral de Anca
  • Palomar de Curiscada (3 km from Arzúa)
  • Pontedapedra Mill
  • Chapels, hermitages and churches at the foot of the Camino
  • If you do our alternative stages, Santiago’s recommendations.

Stage 34 – From O Pedrouzo to Santiago 19.4 km

You are nearing the end of the Camino… Congratulations! Here you will be torn between the desire and joy of arriving and the disappointment of seeing the adventure come to an end.

It is a short and easy stage, without excessive difficulties. The initial part is more wooded and with nice trails, but as you get closer to your destination you will see more buildings and built-up areas.

After a well-deserved rest at the Cathedral, we recommend a leisurely stroll through the old cobbled streets of Santiago.

Difficulty: 85%

Difficulty (Alternative): 40%.

Refreshment points:

  • Refreshment points and sleeping accommodations in all villages
  • Local wines, cheeses and meats

What you shouldn’t miss:

  • Tarta de Santiago, seafood and Galician stews
  • Liqueurs and queimada
  • Castro do Amenal
  • Monte do Gozo
  • Monastery of San Martín Pinario, Mercado de Abastos, Santiago Cathedral and Hotel Reyes Católicos