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stages of the northern route

Stages of the Camino del Norte: On foot and by bike

Surely you have found on the Internet a lot of information about the different stages of the Camino del Norte to Santiago and the places where to sleep. We have been pilgrims and we are regular hikers, so we know very well that theory is not always easy to put into practice.

In this article we would like to show you the alternatives that have been useful for us on the routes in Galicia.

For us, the essence of the Good Way lies in tranquillity, and that is how we are going to approach it.

Here we go!


Those of us who have done medium or long stages of the Camino know that there are many ways to get to the Cathedral, and that not all of them are morally acceptable. To really feel the Camino, physical and mental effort is indispensable.

This is why we see walking and cycling as the most authentic forms of pilgrimage, which is why in this article we focus on these two forms of pilgrimage.

There are some variables that you should take into account when organising it. You will find the essential tips in our article “How to plan the Camino de Santiago”.

One of these variables is the need to estimate average daily kilometres. The norm is usually:

  • On foot, between 20 and 30 km per day. Now we tell you how to adapt the stages
  • By bike, 60 to 80 km per day. Travelling about 11 to 13 km per hour

Remember that to get the Compostelana, you will need to complete a minimum of 200 km cycling and 100 km walking.


If you have some flexibility, use it to do so without stress. We hope to help you achieve it!

Here we will mark the stages of the Camino del Norte in Spain. We will start in Irún and travel through all the autonomous communities until we reach Galicia, where we will tell you a little more about each stage based on our experience.

Stages of the Northern Way in the Basque Country

  • Stage 1: From Irún to Donostia 27.6 km
  • Stage 2: Donostia to Zarautz 20.3 km
  • Stage 3: From Zarautz to Deva 22 km
  • Stage 4: From Deva to Markina 24.3 km
  • Stage 5: From Markina to Gernika 25 km
  • Stage 6: From Gernika to Lezama 21.8 km
  • Stage 7: From Lezama to Bilbao 11.2 km
  • Stage 8: Bilbao to Portugalete 19.8 km
  • Stage 9: From Portugalete to Pobeña 12.3 km
  • Stage 10: From Pobeña to Castro Urdiales 23.5 km

Stages of the Northern Way in Cantabria

  • Stage 11: Castro Urdiales to Laredo 30.6 km
  • Stage 12: From Laredo to Güermes 29.5 km
  • Stage 13: From Güermes to Santander 20.5 km
  • Stage 14: Santander to Queveda 41.4 km
  • Stage 15: Queveda to Comillas 26.4 km
  • Stage 16: From Comillas to Unquera 26.6 km
  • Stage 17: From Unquera to Llanes 25.1 km

Stages of the Northern Way in Asturias

  • Stage 18: From Llanes to San Esteban de Leces 33.9 km
  • Stage 19: San Esteban de Leces to Sebrayo 27.8 km
  • Stage 20: From Sebrayo to Gijón 34.3 km
  • Stage 21: Gijón to Avilés 22.7 km
  • Stage 22: From Avilés to Soto de Luiña 38 km
  • Stage 23: From Soto de Luiña to Cadavedo 23.9 km
  • Stage 24: From Cadavedo to Luarca 16.3 km
  • Stage 25: From Luarca to La Caridad 29.3 km
  • Stage 25: From Luarca to La Caridad 29.3 km

Stages of the North Way in Galicia

  • Stage 27 – From Ribadeo to Lourenzá 29.5 km
  • Stage 28 – From Lourenzá to Abadín 24.8 km
  • Stage 29 – From Abadín to Vilalba 20.6 km
  • Stage 30 – From Vilalba to Baamonde 20.7 km
  • Stage 30 (Alternative) – Vilalba to A Lagoa 32.5 km
  • Stage 31 – From Baamonde to Sobrado 40.6 km
  • Stage 31 (Alternative) – From A Lagoa to Carelle 29 km
  • Stage 32 – From Sobrado to Arzúa 21.5 km
  • Stage 32 (Alternative) – From Carelle to A Salceda 25.7 km
  • Stage 33 – From Arzúa to O Pedrouzo 19.3 km
  • Stage 33 (Alternative) – From A Salceda to Santiago 25.8 km
  • Stage 34 – From O Pedrouzo to Santiago 19.4 km